Zoning Administrator

Mary Nett

Phone: (715) 584-2336

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Steps to take when purchasing land and/or building in the Town of Lessor

The Town of Lessor has a Zoning Ordinance with regulations regarding land divisions, building permits, driveways, culverts, signs, etc. Click Here

New single lot residential development requires two-acre parcels or larger and also must have 290 feet of frontage on an existing road.

1.    A certified survey is to be done in the creation of parcels ten acres or less and submitted with the $50 fee for review to the Town Board.

2.    Obtain a Driveway and Culvert permit from Delmar Zernicke, Town Chairman 715-758-8446.  Location of a driveway is to be established before obtaining a 911 address/fire number.  New culverts can be purchased through the town and delivered to the site.  A fee of $50 includes your new 911 sign, post and installation.

3.    Obtain a 911 address/fire number assigned by the Property Listing office located in the Planning and Development Department at the Shawano County Courthouse 715-526-4619.

4.    Obtain a Sanitary Permit from the Shawano County Planning and Development Department at the Shawano County Courthouse 715-526-6766.  This requires a soil test prior to permit issuance.

5.    Obtain a Town of Lessor Zoning/Structure Permit by contacting our Zoning Administrator, Mary Nett 715-584-2336.  This permit fee is $100 residential/ $500 commercial and requires a site inspection.


If a Variance Request is necessary, the fee is $300 for a site inspection and hearing with the Board of Appeals.

All one and two family dwellings/units require an inspection.  The Town Uniform Dwelling Inspector is Michael Miller and he can be reached at 920-428-3331.

Any questions regarding these steps can be answered by contacting a board member.  Thank you.