RECYCLING UPDATE: Starting 10/25/21


Browntown is trying something new-AGAIN! The recycling wagon and new drop doors are ready for use! The Browntown Village Board is now opening the RECYCLING CENTER Monday through Friday 8am-5pm STARTING OCTOBER 25th for drop off CARDBOARD, TIN CANS and ALUMINUM CANS ONLY. Aluminum cans go in their designated area in the wagon and tin/steel cans in their designated area of the recycling wagon, cardboard will go in a drop door of recycling building. Cardboard boxes must be broken down and flattened.  Plastic, Glass, and paper will continue to be ONLY on Saturdays 8am-10am.  Plastic, glass, and paper still go in the dumpster.  We are still getting complaints from our hauler about garbage in the dumpsters at the recycling center. Recycling dumpsters are for CLEAN RECYCLABLES ONLY!!! NO TRASH, NO YARD WASTE, NO STYROFOAM! Also subscribe to the website for notices when these changes occur. Please contact a Village Trustee for any comments or suggestions. Please NO TRASH or STYROFOAM in the recycling!  The Village Board is looking for your compliance in an effort to open the dumpster during the week and maintain daily Monday through Friday drop off.  They will be evaluating regularly for compliance with this.